Military Mental Health: Suicide Prevention Resource List by The Direction Diva

I’m no stranger to mental illness. For years my sister has suffered from bi-polar manic depression and in 2012 I almost lost my son to suicide. I’ve seen first hand the pain and suffering they go through and know the toll it takes on those of us who are caretakers. It takes a special kind of courage and strength to work through the hardest days and I am inspired not only by both of them but by the people in the military community dealing with the challenges associated with military mental health.

Military Mental Health Suicide Prevention ListWhile I wasn’t naive to the struggles our service members and their families go through, it wasn’t until we joined the military community in 2008 that I really realized how much conditions like PTSD and TBI’s are similar not only in the severity of symptoms  and courage of the victims, but in the impact they have on the entire family.  For far to long I believed that finding and accessing treatment was as simple as going to the doctor or putting in a call to Tri-care. Sadly, that isn’t the case for to many military families.

But instead of yet another blog bash against the evil giant Tri-care, I decided to put together a resource list for Suicide Prevention similar to my PTSD Resource List. By no means is either list comprehensive, and I welcome your comments if you would like to share any that I missed, but I know that it’s a starting point and for many people who are hanging on by a thread that’s all they need.

If you have reached this page and are in danger of hurting yourself or someone around you please contact the
National Suicide Prevention Hotline PH# 1-800-273-8255

You are not alone and help is available

Military Branch Specific Help

General Resources, Free Counseling and Helpful links

Dependant Resources

  • The Jed Foundation leader in protecting the emotional health of America’s 20 million college students
  • Living Thru Crisis Website, Seminars and Blog helping military families become whole again. Created by a military family whose teen son attempted suicide, they share their journey thru crisis, treatment and daily life.
  • Military Spouses of Strength a place of strength, support and understanding of depression, while tearing down the walls of stigma

Facebook Pages


Supportive Blog Posts:

Visit THIS LINK for a list of Suicide Awareness blogs

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1 Gaby Acosta

Thank you so much for including our Suicide Prevention and Awareness blog day in your resource list! We are thrilled at the response we have gotten from bloggers everywhere. It’s amazing what bloggers can do when we come together for a cause. I’ll be sure to add you to the Roundup. Thanks for breaking the silence!

MSW@USC community manager.


2 Judy Davis - The Direction Diva

You are MORE than welcome Gabby! Love what you guys are doing and don’t hesitate to contact me if I can support you in anyway! Have a great weekend! – Judy


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