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Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Risk?

Available in paperback on Amazon and as an ebook

Do you wonder if the changes in your teen or young adult are normal or indicative of something more? Have you ever been concerned that your child was at risk?

Today many parents struggle to distinguish between typical teen behavior and cause for concern. At DASIUM we understand and have created a parent guide that will help you answer many of the pressing questions that you have. You will discover:

  • The Warning Signs
  • Behaviors indicative of suicide ideation, depression and addiction
  • Common teen coping skills
  • How to open lines of communication
  • Next steps
  • Ways to move forward as a family
  • And more…

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Warning Signs: Parenting Guide for Determining If Your Teen Is At Risk for Depression, Addiction or Suicide

Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down by Judy Davis


Right Side Up by Judy DavisConstant change … drama … stress … Have the demands of military life become overwhelming?

You may feel powerless right now, but every challenge and sacrifice you rise above helps you grow into the person you want to be!
Are you ready to be happy in military life?
Using this practical and motivating personal guide, written by military spouse Judy Davis, you will:

Define your role as a military spouse and tweak your expectations of military life.

Identify situations that cause you stress and create strategies to calm chaos, deal with drama, and respond to change.

Find ways to cut the yuck from your life, make yourself a priority, and fully embrace military life.

This book includes:

                          • “A Glimpse of the Life” personal stories and examples from Judy’s life
                          • Reflections and exercises to help you apply the information to your unique situation
                          • A guide at the back of the book to create your own personalized “Right Side Up Plan” with the tips and techniques from each chapter that you find most helpful for your life.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to living a happier life—military or otherwise—but the exercises in this book will help you create your best plan based on your needs, your personality, and your insights. Move through the emotional side of military life with strength and joy—and land right side up!

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Stories Around the Table  Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life



Conversations are the heart of a gathering among friends.

In Stories Around the Table: Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life, military spouses, parents, children, and service members gather together to laugh, cry, lend perspective, and share personal stories from their military life experience. From poignant to practical, tragic to humorous, these candid conversations from friends old and new shed heartfelt insight on many aspects of military life:

~ friendship, depression, romance in military marriage,
caring for children with special needs in a mobile lifestyle,
renewing relationships after deployment,
career challenges for spouses, changing schools,
post-traumatic stress, faith, grief,
and so much more ~

More than forty writers, from bestselling authors to compelling new voices, start the conversation. All are military family members. Each has a story to share. Please join us.

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Stories Around the Table: Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life


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 FREE Resources:

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Coaching for the Small Business Owner 

As a small business owner there may be times when you need a little bit of direction and Judy can help. Judy has been a small business owner for over 18 years and effectively uses online strategies to advertise, market and serve her community promoting her brand in a real and positive way. Her reach has increased by over 100% in the last 6 months, and she knows how to reach clients and facilitate engagement. Judy can help you get the information you need to start, troubleshoot, grow or improve your inline presence and focus your efforts for success.

If you find that your business needs another set of eyes or you are unsure of what’s next,  Judy can help. Judy’s laser coaching sessions are the perfect solution to get out of your twirl, back on track and pointed in the right direction.

Email JudyDavis [at] TheDirectionDiva [dot] com for a quote today.

Is Network Marketing YOUR Way Out? (Looking for an opportunity – click here?)

Get The Information YOU Need From Someone Who Isn’t Trying To Recruit You!

MLM, Network Marketing, Home Business…..With so many different labels no wonder people are confused. Add to that the failing economy and multiple moves, and you have an increase in the number of people looking at network marketing as a possible way to bring in additional income.

But what is the real story? With more and more people checking out an industry that even Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki believe in, how do you know who to believe?
  You need answers and we can give them to you!
Start right here and in no time you can get the real information that will help you decide if this industry is a fit for you, from someone who isn’t trying to convince you to join their team!
One Way Out: The Promise Of Network Marketing, written by Judy Davis, Sandy Fowler and Susan Armstrong,  is available in  for only $9.95!

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