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Hi & Welcome! My name is Judy Davis and I am an active duty Army wife that wants to make your  life just a little easier. If you are a military spouse, significant other, solo-preneur, or just like great tips you are in the right place. A little about me: I’m a motivational speaker, lifestyle blogger and teen suicide prevention expert that is known throughout the military community as The Direction Diva. You may be wondering where that name came from especially since I’m not really the diva type. Well, a while back while at an event speaking someone stood up in the middle of the presentation and yelled “OH MY – it’s like you are my Direction Diva” and it stuck!

Military Spouse Lifestyle Blog | The Direction DivaOn the blog I cover a wide range of topics from how to navigate this crazy military life to tips for running a successful business from home. I’m known to cover the emotional side of military, family and small business life and I share information in a real, raw and relevant way. My goal is to help you with info, tips, tools and inspiration that will help you live a happy and stress free life. Listed below are some of my most popular topics along with some info for you.

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Family Life: From parenting and marriage tips to friendship and family dynamics we go there. Maybe you are looking for strategies to help with parenting challenges, ways to get through the holidays or tips for dealing with relationships – even how to get along with your mother in law – I’ve got you covered.

Military Spouse Life: While logistics isn’t ignored I focus on sharing advice, tips, strategies and insight to help you navigate the emotional side of military life. Similar to topics in my book, Right Side Up: Find You Way Thru Military Life, I help military spouses deal with change, reduce stress, overcome challenges and find their way when things get crazy. BTW – money, politics and religion (aka our spiritual life) aren’t off limits!

Mind and Body: As a military spouse you need to reduce the stress in your life and I can help. Whether its your general outlook and mindset, desire for a healthier body,  or ideas for handling change I’ve got posts with tips, tools and information that will get you back on track.

Mental/Behavioral Health: Sometimes our lives get derailed because we or someone we love is struggling. If you are in need of some support and information on managing your mental and behavioral health concerns there is a little something for everyone here on the direction diva site. From a rough day to full blown crisis we tackle anything from depression and PTS to anxiety and addiction. No subject is off limits and we get raw and real in a way few others do.

Small Biz Support: With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I love to share my tips, tricks, challenges and journey to starting and building a business that thrives. Whether it was as a network marketer, speaker, author, blogger or my latest “baby” Living Thru Crisis I’ve spent my life building businesses the right way, the wrong way, the easy way and the hard way. I’ve learned valuable lessons each and every time and I share them to help you start, run and grow your dream into reality.

Resources: Various things I find that may help you along the way! If you are looking for my books, coaching etc click here!


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