The Direction Diva is a personal blog written and edited by Judy Davis.  Additionally it is a website that sells products and services that are a fit for Army Wives, Busy Moms and Women Who Work From Home. 

At times I am asked to review various products and/or services, and provide a review that I am NOT compensated for. 

The views and opinions I express are strictly my own, and if I do not believe a product has value for my clients, I will not post the review or endorse  it by allowing the marketing of it on this site. Additionally,  I will not endorse, blog about or review something that is not a fit for my clients or in alignment with the Direction Diva mission.

Ads that you see on my site are always from products or services that I develop, currently use, have used in the past or have been recommended to me by trusted colleagues and business associates.  NEVER will I spam or recommend products that are not in the best interest of my clients.

For a few of the ads on my site, I am an affiliate and do receive compensation if the product is purchased through the link provided.  You are under no obligation to use the link to buy, and it is your choice if you would rather purchase the products directly from the developer themselves.

If you have any questions or have a product/service you feel may be a fit please email me at JudyDavis@archive.thedirectiondiva.com


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