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The Buy One to Give program allows you to provide necessary resources that will help military families as they navigate the change, stress and challenges of military life.

Simply choose a resource from our growing list below and we will take care of the rest! Working with organizations, units and leadership we identify and gift your selected resources to military families in need!

Make a difference when you

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WHY Now:

For years our service members have been giving and many of us would love to show our support and give back in tangible ways but we don’t know how. The Buy One to Give program allows you to easily and effectively help military families get the tools to thrive as they navigate the ever-changing military lifestyle.

With budget cuts and military downsizing many of the programs that have supported our troops and their families have been eliminated or sustained large funding cuts. Leaving less at a time when they need more.

We can change that with your help.

What The Military Community Needs:

Our active duty and veteran families need resources and programs that will help them deal with the emotional toll years at war has had on their lives. Stress, change and chaos go hand in hand with military life. Our families need resources and information that can help them navigate these challenges now and in the future. From daily life and parenting military children to dealing with PTSD and behavioral health issues our families need more.

Why Us:

The Direction Diva and ReclaimU, LLC have brought resources to the active duty military community for the last 6 years. From programs and books assisting families in dealing with the challenges associated with military life to seminars addressing the growing issue of suicide ideation, depression and addiction in military teen dependents we know what military families need.

Although programs existed in the past there is now a gap in the tools and program support families receive. Our goal is to fill that gap and bring the programs, books and seminars directly to the troops, spouses and dependents who need them most.

Our mission in executing the Buy One to Give Program is 2 fold

  1. Create a simple way for you to help get needed resources into the hands of military families
  2. Give Back through profit-sharing with select organizations that serve military families

Disclosure: The ‘Buy One to Give’ program was created by Judy Davis. Judy is a military spouse who supports the military community in many ways. She’s passionate about strengthening our troops and their families. When you participate in the program you are sharing resources with military families and supporting Judy’s work. In addition to the book(s), events and other resources that are donated, small businesses -started by military families- are also supported. All speaker, books and small business sponsorships benefiting from your generous donations are created by and/or for the military community. We thank you for your help in working with us to create strong military families.

How You Can Participate

Select the product or service you would like to gift to the military community and let us do the rest! It’s that simple. You purchase one of the following and we will ensure it is given (along with your personalized note of support if you choose to do so) to a family in need. We invite you to Buy One to Give and please tell a friend.

Our service members and their families need these resources.
Your gift purchase helps get them into their hands!


Military Spouse Resource: Right Side Up by Judy Davis Direction Diva

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Seminars for Military Families

croppedLogoColorTextBelowSponsor A Seminar Option 1
Is Your Teen at Risk Seminar: Addressing the growing crisis of suicide, depression and addiction in military teens this seminar helps families identify and understand at risk behaviors and early warning signs as well as information on best practices for getting their child the support they need. 1/2 day seminar $1750 (details here)

DirectionDiva_webSponsor A Seminar Option 2
The life of a military spouse is full of change, stress and chaos. This interactive 1/2 day seminar will provide tips, tools and information to help rookie and veteran spouses navigate the challenges of military life. 1/2 Day Seminar $1750 (more info here)

imagesCrowd Sourcing Option: I want to help and would like you to combine my designated monetary donation with others to help in a bigger way

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