Embracing Sobriety: Positive Ways to Treat Yourself

Talking about our son’s experience with depression, addiction and suicide and founding DASIUM.net has been a passion of mine. Embracing his recovery (and my own work in Ala-non) has given us a freedom and quality of life that I am humbly grateful for. I’m thrilled to share information and this article by the incredible Jennifer McGregor. I hope you get as much out of it as I did!

Embracing Sobriety: Positive Ways to Treat Yourself
By: Jennifer McGregor

Recovering from an addiction is no easy feat. It takes courage, strength, and support from others as well relearning how to live your life without the addiction. Some people can find sober living difficult and fantasize about the thrill of their addiction. While treatment a123nd healthy habits are important, it is also important to relearn how to enjoy life and how to have fun without the aid of a substance. Life is full of fun and wonder. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself find it again.

Visit a Natural Wonder

One of the best ways to remind yourself about the majesty of life and this planet is to go out and spend some time with nature’s miracles. No matter where you live, there is always some monument, landmark, or wilderness area nearby. Take advantage of your state’s natural beauty. Some great pilgrimages to take for those who want to go out of state might be Moab, UT, the Oregon Coast, Yellowstone, the Everglades, and the Grand Canyon.

Learn the Skill You Always Wanted To

Everyone has wistfully thought of learning a certain hobby, craft, language, or other skill without any plan to do so. With your goal to beat addiction and stay sober, there was never a better time to get started. Put all your newfound time and energy into picking up crocheting, learning Hindi, taking woodworking classes or even going back to school. The possibilities are endless and now is the time to start bettering yourself.

Travel Out of the Country

When a person stays in the country, state, or city that they grew up in, their knowledge and understanding of the world is limited. There is no better way to become more open-minded and knowledgeable than leaving the country and spending some quality time abroad. Sure, a weeklong trip is a nice vacation, but in order to really grasp what it is to live in another country and culture, you need more time. Start planning and start saving. You could be spending your next month in Nepal.

Plan a Weekly Event to Look Forward To

If a big expenditure is not in your near future, consider attending or planning a weekly event that makes you excited to begin another week. It can be easy to succumb to depression during recovery and giving yourself something positive each week can be a great way to combat it. The event can be anything from attending your local farmer’s market to taking yourself out to sushi every weekend. Find an activity that fits your budget and caps your week off with fun.

Adopt a Dog

Yes, a dog can be a financial burden and should not be adopted on a whim. However, dogs have been shown to benefit their owners in a number of ways including boosting mood, encouraging exercise, and providing affection. If it is possible for you to fit a dog into your lifestyle, drop what you are doing and get yourself to the local shelter to find the perfect pet for you.

There are many ways to enjoy your life after recovery. Sobriety is rarely easy, especially at first, but teaching yourself how to have fun, relax, and marvel at existence is a great way to smooth the path ahead. So take yourself out for dinner, plan a vacation, take a class, or even add a four-legged family member to your home. It doesn’t matter how you rediscover life as long as you are doing it in a way that benefits your future self.

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